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Make your customers happy with the expanded service package

Your customers demand more than just the simple transportation of goods. When it comes to the service portfolio, just-in-time deliveries and transparent logistics routes can tip the balance when orders are being placed. For this purpose, you need an intelligent system whose powerful functions can help you expand your offer.

TachoWeb allows you to offer these services to your customers:

Make deliveries when it’s most convenient for your customers

Your customers do want customised delivery periods, but at the same time, they also want flexible service providers who can carry out a task on short notice every once in a while. In order to ensure that you don’t spread yourself too thin and damage your customer relationships, you have to put a lot of effort into itinerary planning. The plan can quickly begin to unravel when an urgent task pops up.

Our solution for you:

Since the intelligent tour planning facility in TachoWeb considers work time regulations, vehicle availability, driving periods and (in case of electric vehicles) the remaining range, risk time buffers do not need to be factored into the schedule. The automated functions enable you to save time, regardless of whether the situation involves the creation of trips or automatic optimisation operations that take the delivery time window into account.

  1. Import the customer data from your existing system at the time of first use
  2. Create framework trips via Drag&Drop or retrieve existing trip
  3. If necessary, adapt as daily trip or adjust time window
  4. The trip data is directly transferred to the navigation device in the driver’s cab
  5. After your driver has acknowledged receipt, he can traverse the planned trip in steps
  1.  The automatic scheduling service creates a recurring framework trip as a daily trip
  2. The trip data is directly transferred to the navigation device in the driver’s cab
  3. After your driver has acknowledged receipt, he can traverse the planned trip in steps

Inform your customers before the delivery arrives

Pure location notifications are of no use when your customers want to know when the delivery will arrive. In the confusion of day-to-day business, it’s not possible to constantly keep an eye on all trips. This occasionally leads to delays that are noticed too late.

Our solution for you:

Thanks to the trip monitor in the geolocation facility, you and your customers will be able to know the exact delivery periods and track compliance with the same, far in advance of the agreed-upon delivery time window. In this regard, live data makes it possible to predict very reliable arrival times. If delays emerge while the route is being traversed, you will know in a matter of seconds which delivery deadlines are still achievable; this will enable you to approach your customers in a proactive manner. 

  1. All daily trips were created either automatically or manually in the itinerary planning phase
  2. Opening the desired view in the trip monitor

In the overview:

  • Display of all trips, from pre-initiation to completion
  • Separate display of all trips that are either delayed or in danger of being delayed

In the live ticker:

  • Display of status of all trips in tabular form
  • Deviations from schedule marked separately

In the arrival check:

  • Overview of all arrival times, with markings for critical trips
  • Juxtaposition of target and actual times
  • If delays become unavoidable, inform the customers or explore alternatives

Promote customer loyalty with reliable communications

You can use mobile phones to stay in touch with your drivers. However, if no speakerphone is available, this arrangement limits communications to driving breaks. Although last-minute trip-related changes can be communicated, the drivers would have to independently make route-related changes over which they have no control.

Our solution for you:

The trip monitor provides the respective information in a quick and uncomplicated manner. This facilitates a flexible exception management system, so that you will, in case of exceptional situations, be able to reach your customers before they call you and make enquiries. Last-minute changes and customer wishes can be factored into the system, and sent directly to your drivers’ navigation devices via the communications centre.

  1. The final trip schedule is transferred directly to your driver’s navigation system
  2. He starts the trip using the truck-friendly navigation
  3. He can now use his navigation system to directly process all the tasks that have been completed
  4. You are always in possession of the latest information, and can promptly inform your customers without distracting your driver
  5. Last-minute customer wishes can be sent directly to the display via the communications centre.

Offer security to customers with sensitive goods

Ever since the GDP guidelines were introduced, more and more customers have, when it comes to freight, been asking for uninterrupted cold chain certificates. However, you do not have the options associated with the required digital documents.

Our solution for you:

The temperature monitoring system displays live sensor data from the cargo area in the TachoWeb. The cold chain can be tracked in an uninterrupted manner, and a certificate can be exported digitally at any time. You can use digital means to send this certificate directly to the customer’s inbox. 

  1. The sensors in the cargo area keep supplying data on a permanent basis, i.e. from the beginning of the trip to its end
  2. If there is an excessive rise in temperature, the dispatcher receives a warning message
  3. After the delivery has been made, you can transfer the data directly to your customer; this can be done either digitally or with the help of a printout

The data can be called up several months later, and it can also be delivered at a subsequent stage if such a need arises