Usecase legal compliance

Make it easier for your employees to comply with legal regulations

The transport sector is a time-sensitive area. The resultant time pressure is exacerbated by the strict legal regulations. It would make sense to rely on automation in order to ensure that your business is not jeopardised by contraventions, and in order to simultaneously give your employees more time to focus on strategic tasks.

TachoWeb can help you and your employees focus fully on your core business:

Never miss another readout deadline

The bigger the vehicle fleet, the higher the number of tachographs and driver cards that need to be read out. Deadlines elapse quicker than you think, and all the time periods must be documented in accordance with the law during inspections, otherwise fines will have to be paid.

Our solution for you:

The remote download facility doesn’t forget any readout deadlines. Thanks to the automatic remote readout facility, the data pertaining to your drivers and vehicles always remains up-to-date, without forcing you to spend time on manual readouts.

  1. The remote module automatically reads the digital tachograph’s data every 90 days, and it reads the driver card data every 28 days
  2. The encrypted data is transferred to the certified DAKO computing centre
  3. If you so desire, you can specify additional deadlines at the regular, legally-prescribed readout interval
  4. The data is always retrievable, and it can be submitted in accordance with the law during inspections.

Keep the risk under control during driving and idle periods

From your point of view, your driver’s driving period is equivalent to hard cash. Offences can cost you dearly; at the same time, journeys must be planned in a cost-efficient manner. During day-to-day operations, the task of maintaining an accurate overview and simultaneously being mindful of legal regulations puts you under an additional amount of pressure.

Our solution for you:

TachoWeb offers up-to-date analyses of all the driving period offences associated with the vehicle fleet, in accordance with all the relevant legal bases. A single click is all it takes to access reports, generate driver instructions and document working hours. The automatic calculation of (potential) fines helps you assess the financial risk for your company. Furthermore, the classification of risks makes it possible for you to immediately detect situations in which offences jeopardise the company’s community licence.

  1. Import or create driver master data and driver card numbers at the time of first use
  2. The social offence analysis contains an overview of all drivers, along with the number and severity of offences, offence progression trend and potential fines
  3.  Filter with respect to analysis period, status and other categories
  4.  Select driver with offences in order to receive a detailed notification containing information about type and severity of offence etc.
  5. Export analysis as a PDF or Excel file with a single click, and generate driver instructions
  6. Instruct driver, get document signed, adjust status in TachoWeb
  1.  The analysis start screen directly displays the status of your company with respect to the traffic chief liability (on the basis of social offences)
  2. Further details can be viewed with a single click.

Always guarantee full transparency vis-a-vis the current scheduling times

The legally prescribed readout deadlines are safeguarded, but when it comes to resource scheduling, you must always possess up-to-the-minute knowledge regarding your drivers’ driving period statuses. In order to be able to deploy a driver on an ad-hoc basis, you require information regarding the residual driving periods and prior exemptions.

Our solution for you:

The live scheduling times always ensure that you can immediately track your drivers’ driving periods. In addition to making it possible for you to create better schedules, this also allows you to detect and counteract imminent overruns at an early stage. In case of an emergency, you will quickly know which driver is on standby. 

  1. Call up scheduling times and select all drivers in the controlling section
  2. You will receive a clear notification about the current scheduling times, along with information regarding the available residual driving period and further details (like the next weekly rest period or exemptions that have already been used)
  3. Alternatively, selecting the vehicle associated with a specific trip displays the driver and the corresponding details
  4.  Identify drivers who are on standby and assign them to the respective trip.

Guarantee end-to-end compliance with legally prescribed vehicle fleet deadlines

Driver’s licence checks, advanced training dates, HU (general inspection)/AU (emissions test) – As a vehicle fleet manager, you are legally obligated to meet various other deadlines in addition to readout deadlines. Instead of taking care of contract acquisition and scheduling, you end up spending valuable time checking deadlines and inspecting driver’s licences. Penalties could be imposed if important deadlines are missed over the course of day-to-day operations.

Our solution for you:

TachoWeb’s deadline management facility pools all the deadlines associated with employees, vehicles, and trailers. Once the respective data has been deposited, you no longer need to worry about setting follow-up deadlines. Warning colours and reminders draw your attention to deadlines that are about to lapse. You no longer have to check driver’s licences manually; your drivers can do it themselves with the help of the RFID label and the terminal. 

  1. At the time of first use, you can import the deadline data from the existing system into the master data, or enter it into the pre-assembled list.
  2. Inherit inspection intervals if necessary
  3. The deadline management section ensures that you always have access to all deadlines.
  1. Attach the RFID label to your employees’ driver’s licences
  2. Send a message to the employee on the due date
  3. The employee places his driver’s licence on a company-owned or public TachoStation
  4. The data is transferred automatically and displayed in the TachoWeb.