TachoWeb Packages

TachoWeb packages

What do I need to manage my fleet efficiently?

It can be difficult for fleet managers to find a software solution suited for their purposes without extensive web researches. Also, many offers are misleading or don’t show enough detail about which product has the desired features.

We want to make your decision simple. That’s why we have composed an overview of all our products for a more efficient fleet management with all accompanying features.

Packages & Services TachoWeb





Read out of tachograph and driver card data via a TachoStation

Archiving of the data in the DAKO-Data Centre

Analysis according to the social provisions

Analysis according to the infringement analysis

Deadline Management

Tacho grade

Display of fines

Driving Licence Check

Expenses Reports

DAKO dispo - The app for dispatchers

DAKO drive - The app for drivers (coming soon)

Remote controlled read out of tachograph and driver card data

Live Dispo Times

Vehicle Localization


FMS Data

Optional extras

Order Management

Tour planning

Tour control

Tour monitor (Overview, ETA, Live ticker)

DAKO-Communications Services

DAKO-Temperature Monitoring