TachoWeb annual review 2019

TachoWeb annual review 2019

Toll rates, intelligent tachographs, diesel prices, driver shortages and turn-off assistants – the past year was marked by major topics that moved the entire transport sector. At DAKO, we have made it our goal to support transport and logistics companies in making progress in this fast-moving industry. In order to achieve this, we have provided TachoWeb in 2019 with numerous new functions and improvements. We have summarised the essential innovations in TachoWeb for you here.

Driving and rest periods smart and safely under control

  • New live report for gaps in tacho data recording
  • All DAKO products Smart Tacho-ready
  • Better recognise exceptions that have been taken

Social infringements are expensive and therefore represent a high risk for the entire company. As an expert in the area of driving and rest times, we have further developed TachoWeb over the past year so that transport companies can continue to comply with laws safely and efficiently. For example, since January 2019, TachoWeb has offered a new live report to quickly identify gaps in the recording of tachograph data in the vehicle or on the driver card. The newly introduced report enables fleet managers to investigate the cause of the problem more quickly.

Changes in the law often mean extra work that has to be done in addition to the daily business. The introduction of the intelligent tachograph last June brought many practical hurdles for software providers with it, in order to read out the tachograph data of the new device in accordance with the law on the reporting date.

DAKO customers could face the changeover in a relaxed manner, as we were already able to read, evaluate and archive all data as usual at the time of the official introduction of the Smart Tachograph.

Smart Tachograf auslesen

To prevent infringements even better, we revised the evaluation in TachoWeb. Since June, dispatchers can now see more quickly whether drivers have already taken exceptions or if there is still capacity available. They can also use filters to search for specific activities or find out who was occupying which vehicle at one particular time.

In 2020, further simplifications in the evaluation of driving and rest times will be added, so that DAKO customers will always be on the safe side by law.

Tour planning – fast and individualised

  • Global customer delivery windows reduce manual effort
  • Better tour processing through history in Smart Planner
  • First results of TachoWeb and hybriLOG combination

Tour planning makes it possible to divide many orders into efficient tours, even fully automatically. To enable dispatchers to create tours even more flexibly and individually, we have made some adjustments in the Order Management.

For example, since last March, flexible delivery windows can be created for customers, which are then also included in the automatic calculations of the Smart Planner, the automatic tour planning in TachoWeb. The manual effort of entering time windows for each tour has thus been eliminated.

Screenshot automatische Tourenplanung im TachoWeb

With the extension of the Smart Planner, dispatchers now have more options to adapt the calculated tours to their requirements. We added a history, which summarises the total costs of all automatically calculated tours in the past as well as their total kilometres and time frames. There, individual orders can also be moved manually between different tours at a later date. If such a manual adjustment threatens to exceed the total time set for a tour, the user gets a warning message.

If automatically calculated tours are not yet wholly satisfactory, fleet managers can make further adjustments. In this way, already matched tours can be retained, and the remaining orders are recalculated. Users can also adjust all parameters, such as calculation time, number of vehicles, etc.

We have developed the Smart Planner further into a holistic tool which dispatchers can use not only to plan tours but also to assign and release them. They can also send the finished scheduled tours directly from the Smart Planner to the app DAKO drive so that drivers can process the orders step by step on their mobile device.

When the tours are running, the communication of precise arrival times for customers is crucial. Since May, TachoWeb users have been able to offer this service to their customers with the new tool “Customer Connect”, which enables live order tracking. Recipients not only receive precise arrival forecasts directly from TachoWeb’s tour monitoring system but also information on the status and progress of their orders.

The new service is a first result of linking TachoWeb with the logistics software hybriLOG. With the bundling of competencies, DAKO wants to offer a complete shipment management system for logistics companies – from the digital order in the web shop to the delivery.

Mobile working with transparent communication

  • Chat function added in the communication centre  
  • Tool developed for automatic translation
  • Optimisation of mobile order processing with App DAKO drive

Fast and clear communication between driver and dispatching during a running tour is crucial. The communication centre in the TachoWeb, which we expanded at the end of 2019, and the link to the app DAKO drive offer new functions and better usability, which is precisely where the focus lies. The app now has a chat function, which improves the contact between driver and dispatcher. The message status is also displayed on both sides, for example, when the message has been sent or read.

With the extended communication centre in the TachoWeb, DAKO also focuses on another focal point of the industry: the driver shortage. An automatic translation function supports companies to communicate precisely with non-German speaking drivers. The messages of the dispatcher sent via TachoWeb arrive at the driver’s navigation device or app in the respective language set and vice versa. The automatic translation helps to avoid misunderstandings due to a lack of language skills. The tool currently supports the languages German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

App DAKO drive im Einsatz

Further adaptations concern, for example, tour allocation. For instance, since February, it has been possible to send tours as a link by e-mail, SMS or as push message directly to the app DAKO drive so that the driver can activate it. This feature is especially useful if a driver is already on the road and is assigned another tour. If the dispatcher makes changes in TachoWeb, the tours update automatically in the app. Information on the entire tour can be called up at any time, and tour stops appear numbered in the tour overview.

Since the version update in February, drivers can also use the app on their TomTom navigation device. All information is available, including the display of order details, overviews of driving and rest times, and process steps for order processing. With the continuous optimisation, which we will, of course, pursue also in 2020, the DAKO drive app will continue to develop into a powerful companion for mobile order processing.

Flexible management of vehicles and deadlines

  • Keyword filtering for better grouping of vehicles enabled
  • Deadline management supplemented by company appointments and new driving licence module
  • Driving licence check now also available via the App DAKO drive

Time is the most valuable asset of a scheduler. With functions ranging from remote readout to automatic route planning, we relieve you of tasks from your daily work routine so that you can keep your head clear for critical strategic decisions. Some enhancements in 2019 have precisely this goal: to save more time. In 2019, for example, we made it possible for you to filter by individual keywords so that you can manage your vehicles even faster. Now, vehicles can be easily grouped as required, for example, according to different locations or other criteria that are important to you. Thanks to the keyword filtering function, you can quickly find exactly the vehicles you need on the map in the Location section.

Deadline management also makes fleet management easier for you. In 2019, we made several improvements here to give you even better control of your fleet deadlines. It is now possible to create individual appointments not only for drivers and vehicles but also for the company. In the course of this, the standard appointment “expiry of the company card” was also introduced. This reflects the appointments from the company cards and includes a notification according to the expiry date of the company card from the master data. In July, the BKrFQG “Module 6” (First Aid) was also added, which has been supplementing the further training modules for the driving licence since October 2019. Of course, deadline reminders can also be set up here, which are automatically sent by the system when they are due.

Another routine task that costs a lot of time is the legally required driving licence check. Drivers have to have the validity of their driving licence checked at the office on specific dates – a cumbersome and time-consuming procedure. Besides the possibility to have the driving licence automatically checked at one of our public tacho stations, we now also offer the driving licence check with RFID label via the app DAKO drive. With this feature, drivers can easily do this important check on the road, the proofs are automatically stored in TachoWeb. Via the reminder function, drivers automatically receive an SMS or a message in the app DAKO drive when the driving licence check is due. 

In addition to this selection of innovations, we have continued to work on the user-friendliness of our portal in 2019. This includes improvements in the user interface, faster and more intuitive handling and optimisation in the visualisation. The user experience, i.e. user-friendliness, plays an essential role in a work portal. For this reason, the optimisation of the user interface will continue to be of great importance in 2020. You can also expect useful developments in the field of logistics and shipment management in the coming year. Thus, we are continually developing TachoWeb into a holistic 360° portal for transport, but also logistics, and you will have an even more reliable companion for your everyday work. » You can also find more information about TachoWeb and our other products in the DAKO-Shop.