Security tracking

Rely on us for the security of your vehicles

Vehicles and fuel are the cornerstones of your daily success. Theft therefore not only causes immense costs, but also damages your image among your customers, for example due to availability problems resulting from unplanned fuel shortages. High fuel consumption and wear also reduce your profits. With the right telematics system, you don’t have to worry about your vehicles and fuel consumption, but can pursue your daily business with peace of mind.

That’s how our solutions bring a bit more serenity into your daily routine:

Geofencing – Set your own limits to protect your vehicles and machines

Even with the best tracking, you can’t have your eyes everywhere. Unguarded construction sites or vehicle parks are an irresistible target for thieves, especially at night. Then in the morning you are in for a nasty surprise: Vehicles were stolen.

Our solution for you:

Safe geo-zones minimize the risk of theft or unauthorized use. If a vehicle leaves the individually assigned area without permission, you will be alerted right away and can take immediate action.

  1. You individually define the address or coordinates as a fixed point on the map
  2. You determine how large the geo-zone should be, for which vehicles and during which period it applies
  3. If one of the vehicles crosses the virtual fences of the geo-zone, the system immediately sounds an alarm and notifies you.
  4. You can use the locating function to quickly find your vehicle and provide the police with information in the event of theft.

Vehicle Localization – Always have your vehicles on screen

Once thieves are in possession of the vehicle, good advice will not come cheap. In a worst case scenario, it takes a long time before you notice the loss, and with every minute, the chance of recovery decreases.

Our solution for you:

With vehicle localization, you always know where your vehicles are at any given time. The current position and speed can be tracked live on the map, as can the speedometer activity. Seamless historical data of all routes driven in the last 24 months provides information on the routes covered.

  1. The GPS module constantly sends data on position and speed, which are stored in the system.
  2. If you notice the loss of a vehicle, you can immediately call up its current position on the map.
  3. If there was a theft and the perpetrators have potentially damaged the GPS transmitter, you can use the historical data to trace where the vehicle was last.
  4. With this data you can aid investigations into the theft and, in the best case scenario, get your vehicle back quickly.
  5. You can also prove to the insurance company that you had your vehicles under observation

geostatistics – Don't give thieves a chance

Fuel is a valuable resource that unfortunately also attracts thieves. Long periods of inactivity, especially overnight, quickly result in fuel tank thefts that cost you a lot of money and leave your drivers sitting on the sidelines.

Our solution for you:

GeoStatistics offers you a visual evaluation of fuelling processes of all driven routes. If unusual fuel movements occur, such as an enormous drop in fuel during a service life, you can determine exactly where it occurs. This way, tank thefts and the places where they occur can be detected and avoided in the future.

  1. In the fuelling analysis you can see where and when your vehicles have taken on fuel
  2. Conspicuous fuel losses are clearly marked on the map
  3. GPS data shows the exact position and time of loss
  4. The coordinates can help find the causes of excessive fuel loss and assist in finding the perpetrators
  5. If there are frequent thefts in certain places, you can understand this and reschedule your trip stops to avoid vulnerable locations

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FMS Data – Make your vehicles talk

High fuel consumption does not necessarily mean theft, as the driving style can also contribute to loss. In addition, the wear parts are subjected to high stress due to aggressive driving. The consequences are often the need to service your vehicles and higher expenses for repairs and fuel.

Our solution for you:

FMS data from inside the vehicle makes your fleet transparent. Permanent, process-related monitoring of your fleet makes it possible to identify consumption trends and to actively control the values. This will help protect your vehicles and increase mileage.

  1. A wide range of telematics data from your vehicles and drivers is available for you to use for analysis purposes
  2. Statistics on fuel consumption, engine load, braking and other driving styles give you a precise picture of the behaviour of your drivers at the wheel and the condition of your vehicles
  3. Assessment in the form of a cumulative driver performance score provides information on which of your drivers is already driving pro-actively and which still have room for improvement
  4. You provide follow-up training for the drivers to ensure a pro-active, vehicle-friendly driving style
  5. In this way you achieve significant savings when it comes to fuel consumption and wear

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