Digital transport management as a path to success

Industry 4.0 is producing a noticeable and permanent change in the requirements pertaining to the transport sector. For many years, the battle for customers primarily revolved around cost optimisation. However, over the course of the digital revolution, the requirements have increasingly been shifting in the direction of customised services and high flexibility. When it comes to transport companies, process optimisation and service enhancement are in the foreground of the endeavour to continue to be successful in this market.  We can help you use the process of digitalisation as an opportunity for your company.

Services im Transport bilden eine Brücke

New service worlds at stable prices

All along the supply chain, transport operations of all sorts give rise to considerable costs. Your customers are trying to massively reduce costs in this area. However, they are simultaneously demanding more flexibility, and more extensive services, information and certificates. We can help you use intelligent services to make your customers happy, while simultaneously keeping prices stable.

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Legal compliance at the touch of a button

When it comes to the transport sector, the respective legal regulations need to be complied with extensively; infringements can lie anywhere in the range of expensive to business-endangering. At the same time, you must always be up to speed in order to be able to discharge your duties. Our products take as many tasks as possible off your and your employees’ shoulders, and noticeably simplify compliance with the law.  

Your benefits at one glance
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More competitive, efficient in day-to-day business

When information reaches the right places in the company in good time, transport costs decrease enormously and capacities are better used. Often, however, this does not work out, so gaps in communication, forgotten deadlines, blurred processes and sudden developments can lead to significant losses. With DAKO software, transport processes in the entire fleet are optimized by networking all resources.

Your benefits at one glance

Save enormous costs — surely and securely

For you as a transport company, your vehicles are the most valuable capital. Financial losses due to theft, high wear and tear and high fuel consumption due to driving styles place a heavy burden on your cost planning. We support you in protecting your most important asset and making savings in the right places. 

Your benefits at one glance
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From 20 to 25 September 2022 DAKO welcomes you to the IAA, the leading international trade fair for mobility, transport and logistics.

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