Digital transportation management

Increase your competitiveness with optimal transportation management

Every day you are working on harmonizing route planning, orders, drivers, vehicles and even trailers. Short-term changes can cause a lot of extra work and turn the complete planning process on its head. With DAKO’s digital transportation management, you will be much more relaxed in your daily business and have your hands free to turn your own visions into reality.

This is how we support you in optimizing your transportation management:

Tour planning and optimization – Create optimal plans in record time

More orders mean better business, but also more effort when it comes to coordination. 20 customers, 176 locations, 23 different delivery windows, 13 drivers, 11 vehicles and 56 orders per day — meeting such demanding scenarios in a planned manner costs you an incredible amount of time. Despite careful work, plans are often rendered completely invalid within a few minutes and must be adapted to changes as quickly as possible. A lack of time often eliminates important factors such as a precise cost breakdown of the new plans. The result is often unwanted empty runs or even taking on unprofitable orders.

Our solution for you:

Our intelligent tour planning takes factors such as time windows, the sequence of stops and the availability of vehicles and drivers into account when creating your orders. Automated functions save you a lot of headaches and time, whether for automatic optimization of tours or for assignment of individual orders to suitable tours. The costs are also automatically calculated down to the last penny, taking into account detailed fixed costs, mileage costs and personnel costs as well as different calculations for motorway and toll routes, country roads and inner-city roads. This gives you a sound basis for future planning decisions.

  1. You import customer names and addresses directly from your inventory system or create new data
  2. Drag and drop the stops from the map directly into the order list and save them as a day trip or, if the route is driven more often, as a master trip.
  3. From the master trip you generate automatically recurring day trips, assign vehicles and drivers and adjust time windows, if necessary
  4. With one click you can optimize the trip to the most efficient or fastest route, the stop order can be maintained as desired
  5. Expected costs can be tracked in the trip overview and you can make adjustments if necessary
  6. The driver receives the trip data automatically on the navigation display or his mobile phone and can follow the trip itinerary step by step
  1. Newly added individual orders without an associated tour are simply collected in the order pool with customer address and delivery time window
  2. With a simple click, the system takes over the arrangement of suitable tours and displays the most cost-effective route.
  3. All you have to do is confirm your selection and save the new tour.
  4. After assignment to driver and vehicle, the tour data is sent to the navigation device or his/her mobile phone
  5. Your driver has all information about the stops ready and can work through the tour itinerary step by step

Exception Management – Address exceptional cases quickly and flexibly

If drivers or vehicles are not available or let you down, or traffic jams delay delivery dates, your careful planning gets quickly confused. In addition, complete control of all tours takes far too much time to avoid any discrepancies in day-to-day business. As a result, you have to be sure that your drivers will get back to you in time if any problems arise during the tour.

Our solution for you:

Our intelligent exception management offers more than pure tracking and tracing. The tour monitor closely monitors whether your tours are going as planned. If deviations from the itinerary occur, you can find out within seconds from live data and take immediate action. Short-term interruptions can be compensated in good time with the help of convenient tour and deployment planning, so that there are no gaps in the itinerary.

  1. The tour monitor shows the progress of all current tours shortly before they start until completion, including target/actual comparison and forecasts for further progress
  2. Any deviations can be detected immediately in the live ticker, which displays the status of all tours in tabular form
  3. Critical tours are clearly highlighted in colour
  4. Quickly find alternatives in the event of delays and inform customers in good time
  5. All information is also available in the “DAKO dispo” app
  1. If a driver or a vehicle falls out of action, you will quickly find the appropriate tour in the tour planning
  2. The deployment planning function tells you which driver or vehicle is ready for deployment
  3. With one click, you can assign a new vehicle or driver to the tour
  4. This also works on the go through the “DAKO dispo” app
  5. The driver receives the new information through the “DAKO drive” app or the navigation device

Reliable communication – Always stay in touch

During communication between driver, dispatcher and traffic manager, misunderstandings occur, or what has been said is forgotten if the message is not put in writing. However, a confusing paper chase can quickly arise, and important information is lost.

Our solution for you:

In our platforms, various communication options are considered simultaneously. The communication centre can be used by several parties and thus saves communication through third parties. Messages go directly to the navigation display so that you can make binding arrangements with the driver even if he or she is already on the road. Our apps enable fast communication even without a navigation device.

  1. Select the desired vehicle in the communication centre
  2. Write a message and send it directly to the display of the navigation device
  3. The driver can reply through the navigation device, confirm orders and write messages himself
  4. The messages are stored in the communications centre and thus remain traceable.

Deployment planning – Increase your profits by avoiding empty runs and creating a higher workload

Long waiting times and empty runs are uneconomical. But the more orders and vehicles you have, the more confusing the scheduling becomes and your costs increase due to inefficient utilization of the fleet.

Our solution for you:

Optimize utilization of your vehicles through even more targeted use of your resources. With the extensive evaluation functions, you can view the exact utilization of all vehicles in your own defined periods and on this basis, if necessary, work out new schedules or make an objective decision on a new purchase. Avoidable idle times can be identified at a glance in the deployment planning and can be avoided by restructuring the tours. Through the order pool you receive suggestions for optimal composition of tours.

  1. Evaluations clearly present information on efficiency in tabular form:
    • Workload in %
    • Operating days and operating time
  2. Vehicles with remarkably low capacity utilization can be identified as follows
  3. Historical data from the driven tours provides information on previous vehicle deployments
  4. Operational planning displays the allocation plan of all vehicles so that unnecessary empty runs can be identified
  5. With the tour planning, tours can be rearranged, automatically optimized and thus increase vehicle utilization.