Sales & Consulting

Responsible advice that puts your interests first is the key to long-lasting customer relationships. We allow ourselves to be judged on the quality of our advice and are happy to receive honest feedback.

Sales Fleet

Head of Sales Fleet

Marcus Parybyk

    Customer Acquisition

    Kontaktfoto Paul Sitowski

    Team Manager Customer Acquisition

    Paul Sitowski

      Kontaktfoto Robert Ludwig
      Customer Acquisition


      Robert Ludwig

        Kontaktfoto Christine Hering
        Customer Acquisition


        Christine Hering

          After Sales

          Kontaktfoto Julia Hildebrand

          Team Manager After Sales

          Julia Hildebrand

            Kontaktfoto Thomas Ehrlicher

            After Sales

            Thomas Ehrlicher

              Kontaktfoto Anna Zipper

              After Sales

              Anna Zipper

                Sales International & Consulting

                Kontaktfoto Christian Weiss

                Sales International

                Christian Weiß

                  Kontaktfoto Klaus Rietz

                  Senior Sales Consultant

                  Klaus Rietz

                    Key Account Management

                    Kontaktfoto Alexander Rahtjen

                    Team Manager Key Account Management (Sales Partners)

                    Alexander Rahtjen

                      Kontaktfoto Tobias Kolb

                      Key Account Management
                      (Sales Partners)

                      Tobias Kolb

                        Kontaktfoto Stefan Bergner

                        Key Account Management
                        (Sales Partners)

                        Stefan Bergner

                          Key Account Management
                          (Corporate Clients)

                          René Schmidt

                            Customer Service

                            An uncomplicated approach is particularly important in the event of questions and problems.
                            The employees in our Customer Service division take care of this.

                            Kontaktfoto Roland Merkel

                            Department Manager Service & Support

                            Roland Merkel

                              Kontaktfoto Stefan Bergner Support
                              Customer Service
                              Stefan Bergner