care2web puts care into focus


Create client files easily and clearly and check new orders quickly for their cost recovery


Always know who is located where with which vehicle. In case of emergencies promptly find which vehicle and which caregiver is available


Tours can be optimized, monitored in real time, and analysed in retrospective. All data is stored safely und in accordance to the regulations.

care2web in day-to-day business

Spot available time-frames at one glance

Mrs. Krause needs home care assistance for her 83-year-old mother. One glance at the order management in care2web indicates you that there are enough resources for another care client.  Quickly you can also find a tour which accommodates the new patient.

With the help of the deployment planning you can tell Mrs. Krause promptly, that your caregiver Mr. Schmidt has the required qualifications and can fit her mother in on his tour number six. care2web optimizes the tour and calculates how the cost balance of the tour changes.

Thus, you know within minutes, if there is enough time for a new patient and if the new stop can be fit economically into your planning. You inform Mrs. Krause that Mr. Schmidt will care for her mother starting next week.

Planning and calculating tours in lightning speed

In the last two weeks eight new care clients have requested your services. As care manager you do now not only have to create all tours anew and schedule them but at the same time also keep track of cost efficiency and service quality. No problem with care2web.

It takes just a few clicks to import the new address data, after that care2web takes over. Optimal routes will be calculated in the order management and you’ll see at one glance the amount of time and effort necessary. The optimized pre-combined tours are easily converted into daily scheduled tours which then can be assigned to the matching employee and vehicle. The Deployment Planning shows you in a clearly structured overview that the resources will be strained to the limit with any more care patients. With the analyses and optimization features of care2web you have already identified several saving potentials. Thus, you know for sure that your capacities will be exceeded with more clients and plan the purchase of another vehicle.

Exception management made flexible

Monday morning is hectic as usual, when Mr. Menke calls you in a state of agitation. Mrs. Heidel, his caretaker, hasn’t arrived and is already 15 minutes late. You pull up the relevant information in care2web and find out through the Tourmonitoring feature, that a traffic jam has caused the delay. The time-frame comparison shows you how the actually driven tour deviates from the planned tour concerning driving time and estimates also the new time of arrival.

Thus, you can assure Mr. Menke with the precise information, that Mrs. Heidel will arrive in just 7 minutes. According to the forecast of the set-actual comparison the following stopps are not affected by the delay. The remaining trip continues as planned as you can see in the Tourmonitoring.

Features in care2web

Order management for planning regular and day tours

Efficient deployment optimization of personnel and fleet

Intuitive master data maintenance of employees and vehicles

Tour optimization and monitoring including time-frame comparison of planned tour versus actually driven tour

Deadline management of personnel and fleet

Interface connection to third-party hardware and existing systems

Extensive export and import features for existing systems

Automatic archiving of the data in the audit-compliant DAKO-Data Centre in accordance with statutory requirements

Here we go!

Your start with care2web

1st Request an offer

Simply fill out the contact form at the right side of the page with an offer request for care2web. Alternatively, you can also speak directly with our consultants or request a call back. After a comprehensive consultation via telephone or mail we will customize an individual offer for you.

2nd Contract & Installation

After signing the contract a DAKO service partner will install the hardware into your vehicles. You will get your personal access data for care2web from your client advisor at DAKO. From now on care2web is your daily companion making your enterprise stronger.

3rd Data import

The first step is to import master data of vehicles, drivers and location(s), which is done easily with the fully automatic import feature. The same is possible with address data of clients and patients. With the imported data you can create regular and day tours. As of now your work-experience with care2web begins.

4th Training offer

At any time, we offer a product training via webinar or on site to get to know the product better (additional costs may occur). Just contact your consultant at DAKO.


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