Annual review of TachoWeb 2018

Annual review of TachoWeb 2018

Due to the digitalization of fleet processes, the amount of data available for transport companies is getting bigger every day. We at DAKO are constantly working on interconnecting this data in such an intelligent way that our customers get the most out of it. In 2018, we made it again our mission to make your processes more transparent and therefore, faster, by developing our portal further and creating new features. In our annual summary, we present an overview of the most important enhancements of 2018.

Controlling fleet data intuitively

A special highlight this year was the launch of the completely redesigned version 6.0 of TachoWeb which focuses on usability and customization. The intuitive navigation and further enhancements like the intelligent filter options respond to your needs and enable a customizable view of processes and information in your fleet. The new colour scheme is supposed to facilitate orientation and have a pleasant and calming visual effect on the user. Dashboards in every menu item visualize clearly the most important fleet figures. Thus, the new TachoWeb supports intuitive usage for instance with a clearly optimized navigation. Furthermore, you can customize your TachoWeb even better, for instance with the new data tables.

The completely remodeled data tables with customizable filter features facilitate data handling enormously. In many areas of TachoWeb 6.0, such as master data, analysis, tour overview and deadlines, you can sort and filter your fleet data according to your preferences. Included are preinstalled standard filter for information which is needed very often. For further customization, you can also set and save your own filters in order to get the precise overview you need with one click. More features like the direct search and additional displayable columns turn the data tables into a flexible and powerful tool for your daily work.

Just let the system plan your tours

Another priority was the automation of processes which enables you to save time and reduce your workload. In 2018, we focused on the enhancement of the tour planning. At the IAA 2018, we presented the Smart Planner, which enables automated tour planning. The tool just needs the client’s addresses, which can be added using the excel import, and the specification for the vehicles to create regular tours automatically using your order data. You can also set time frames and the maximum tour duration. The processing time varies depending on the amount of data, for instance, for 200 client’s addresses and 8 vehicles available for the tours, the algorithm needs approximately 2 to 3 minutes. As a result, you get ready-made tours to deliver efficiently to all customers. If you didn’t set time-frames, the tool uses geographical conditions for the optimisation. The regular tours can be adjusted further in the tour list.

The Smart Planner offers a strong support in case you have to work with a big amount of order data at one time or when you want to optimize your tours with one go. For single new orders, we also created a new feature. It can be difficult to find a convenient spot for a new order in one of the already planned tours. Or the planning has to be postponed because at the moment of order placement other issues are more important. With new features in the tour management, TachoWeb now caters exactly to these situations and provides a more comfortable way of planning your tours. Now, single orders can be created when they are placed and remain in an “order pool” until further planning is possible. The respective address can be added either via map, from existing tours using the order list or directly from the address book. With one single click, TachoWeb distributes the compiled orders among appropriate existing tours automatically. The results list then shows the most efficient way to integrate the additional orders into the existing schedule. Thus, you can simply choose to accept the tour plans as TachoWeb suggests, or make further changes manually.

WORKING Mobile with transparent data and paperless order management

With new automated features we placed the foundations for a faster and more efficient tour planning. But what is a perfect plan without monitoring? Our web-based platform TachoWeb offers a range of tools that help you monitoring your fleet or tours. In 2018 we extended these tools with our mobile applications.

With our mobile App DAKO dispo dispatchers can access the most important information about their fleet. Live telematics data about vehicle locations, the tour status and driving times keep fleet managers up to date and enable the to react flexibly. If the actual path differs from the planned tour you can receive warnings via push-message and can react swiftly.

The new mobile application DAKO drive enables drivers to record their order processing by providing all relevant order data directly from TachoWeb. Drivers then only have to confirm the completion of tasks in a checkbox list. Furthermore, they can use features like the digital signature or task- and photograph documentation in order to process their orders efficiently. DAKO drive also supports drivers by complying with the actual laws on driving and resting times by providing them with remaining driving times.

Better control of expenses and vehicle security

2018 was an eventful year for the transport sector. Toll expansion, diesel bans and EU regulations posed new challenges for you in your daily business. We at DAKO stand at your side as a reliable partner and focus on one question in particular: How can we support you even further in your daily business? In 2018 we also introduced little helpers that make the daily business easier. Since July 1st 2018 we automatically include the new toll charge for main roads in our cost calculation for tours. This way, the calculation of tour costs and the forecasts are always up-to-date. 

We also enhanced the geo-zones on TachoWeb by giving a better overview of all created zones and making the handling more intuitive. It now also includes an export feature which allows you to trace back all locations that a vehicle was reaching. Additional geo fences protect your fleet from theft.

The interaction of the existing and the new features in TachoWeb allow a continuous transport management. Through the enhanced interface and our mobile applications DAKO dispo and DAKO drive dispatchers, drivers, fleet managers and transport managers are connected more effectively and profit from high data quality, precise forecasts and live monitoring.