Telematics check: How to choose a provider

Choosing the right telematics system requires time-consuming research and an intense dealing with the topic. To simplify the search Telematik-Markt.de has published a checklist which makes some good points. The expert portal establishes ten criteria which companies can use to evaluate offers of telematics services. DAKO scores in every aspect of the list. The DAKO telematics platforms are not just products to be sold, but developed in-house, an important point on the checklist. The employees of DAKO know the solutions in detail and thus, can give expert advice to customers.

All-round support and regionalism as deciding factors

The expert magazine recommends choosing local providers, another plus for DAKO, being a regional family company. That includes having a quickly accessible in-house support that assists companies when implementing the system and solves problems straightforwardly. In addition, DAKO offers a test account for interested customers to try out the product. Telematik-Markt considers this also as a major factor for the decision.

Information and transparency are crucial for the choice of provider

First-hand experiences play a major role in the decision for a telematics system says the checklist. Those who want to get directly in touch with providers can do so at trade fairs or congresses. You can get to know the DAKO solutions for example at the transport logistic in Munich or the IAA in Hannover. Excellent sources for information are also user and expert stories in online portals. Furthermore, transport companies should analyse their company processes in-depth and create a detailed plan in advance to simplify the incorporation of a telematics system, recommends the expert forum.

Up-to-date technology that can be customized

Size doesn’t matter, advises Telematik-Markt further. The size of the company doesn’t determine if the system is suitable. DAKO, a medium-sized company, proves just that by developing and providing scalable solutions for small and big companies in logistics as well as expanding its business areas continuously.

That is only possible because DAKO is always up-to-date technology-wise and traces trends, another pro on the checklist. Trade press like Telematics Scout or “Toplist of Telematics” also lists the company. Thus, DAKO meets all criteria of the checklist which refer to the desired features and requirements of a telematics provider. To view the checklist in total go to: http://telematik-markt.de/telematik/10-punkte-die-bei-der-wahl-eines-telematik-systems-eines-anbieters-entscheidend-sind


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